Writing Great Sales
Copy Maker Is Hard.

ScriptDoll Makes It Easy.

Writing Sales Copy Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

It doesn’t matter if you write copy for radio, television, print, or the web. If you write copy with the purpose to sell products or services, ScriptDoll is going to be your new Best Friend.

Awesome Features

Sales Copy Maker Features Guarantee That All The Notifications And Recommandations Are Always Deliverd To You In The Perfect Moment.


Sales Copy Maker Persuasion Library

Why waste hundreds of hours researching and testing email copy when you can have the best emails in history at your fingertips? New emails are added every month to keep our Persuasion Library fresh and your prospects buying.


webinar registration and close sequence

The added power of "email regeneration" to keep your email messages totally unique to you and your business. Reuse emails that work by rewriting them with one click of a button. No wasting hours rewriting emails.


Sales Copy Maker Tone Of Voice Selector

You can select "soft" for more nuanced audiences, "baseline" for everyday email use, and "aggressive" when you really want to push a sale or a call to action.


Long Form Sales Copy Templates

The only problem with long form sales letters is that they can be incredibly difficult to write. Hours of planning and hours of writing are just the beginning of creating these monsters. Sales copy maker takes the pure power of Long Form Sales letters and cuts the writing time down by at least 75%.


Short Form Sales Copy maker Templates

You always want to recruit the best copywriters, salespeople, and marketing experts on the planet but you do not able to able to find them easily .We have  most successful sales and marketing copy on the planet and turned it into Sales copy maker template. 


Video Sales Letter Templates

Now you are able to  insert the information about your product and Sales copy maker will write your script for you. You can use everything that Sales copy maker creates, read it, and, BOOM, you have got a high quality Video that’s ready to sell your product or service as fast as it can.

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More Reasons to Love Us

Sales Copy Maker Is A New And Easy Way To Understand Your Web And Mobile Site Visitors. Find Your Hottest Opportunities For Growth Today


Unique Features

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Better Price

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Smart Notification

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Easy To Use

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24/7 Support

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No JQuery

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What Clients Say

"I couldn't stop watching the video training... 8 hours, and I never watch 8 hours of anything! This stuff is like the most ninja, psychologically powerful sales psychology out there."
John Doe
"Jon's work in VSLs and sales copy is legendary. He's the inventor of the VSLs, a multi-billion dollar marketing boon that's made all of us a lot of money thanks to his 3X Training."
John Doe
"You know, this man, this System, understands human psychology and what it takes to close a sale like you can't believe. I'm proud to recommend Sellerator to my customers."
John Doe
"You know, it's all about GTM: what "Gets The Money." We love Jon's Sellerator and the courses that come with it. The Sellerator just makes it as push-button simple as it gets. This is absolutely the real deal."
John Doe

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Feel Free To Poke Around These Help Topics To Find Just

    What Are You Looking For

    Yes. The Niche Creator and the method we use to implement your data into the Persuasion Library templates allows any online business owner to generate emails that perfectly suit their specific needs.

    One of our bonuses is access to List Builders: The Interview Series. Here, Jon Benson interviews the top list-builders in the industry. They’ll help you build a list you can mail to for years to come. Also, you can use Email CopyPro’s emails to market other people’s products as an affiliate. You simply rent a list (there are many list rental services, and it’s perfectly legal to do) and send an email.

    No, this is strictly a copywriting generation service. You will need a service like Aweber, Maropost, or another ESP (Email Service Provider) to send emails in bulk. You can get started with Aweber for under $30 a month.

    You can try Email CopyPro for 30 days. If you are not completely thrilled with the emails generated or the response of your customers, simply email support@digitalpublisher.com for a refund. After the 30 day refund window closes, you can still cancel your membership at any time

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    Some Call It "A.I. For Email"

    Sales Copy Maker Leverages The Power Of Understanding Your Customer’s Needs, Fears, And Desires To Maximize Sales And Rapport.